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Mike Hudson Associates
AI  Marketplace

AI infused B2B markets & derivatives exchanges. Markets for Profit. Markets for Social Good.

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Social Good

Let Us Help Grow Your Marketplace.

We invest in/advise on AI-infused 

new exchanges or marketplace development, both for commercial enterprise and social crisis markets. We can create the best market structure, help build the coalition of stakeholders, select marketplace software, & introduce partners & investors.

Business Markets

Most of our commercial activity has been in financial markets ranging from structured derivatives to commodities. We've also worked with start-up tech exchanges and B2B marketplaces. We don't charge consulting fees; we either start a marketplace ourselves or partner with a domain specialist & take an equity stake. Some of the commercial ventures we've funded & run below and at flamingo markets.

Social Good

We believe deploying a marketplace rapidly can help in a crisis. During the pandemic we helped create TestRAMP,  a not-for-profit marketplace for improving UK Covid PCR testing, which generated profits of £2.5mn donated for charities including  ZSL conservation & Alzheimers Society. We want to do more projects like this and charities interested in deploying such a crisis marketplace may apply for support from the mike hudson foundation. For more info on "crisis markets" see the Social Market Foundation's briefing paper on Testramp.

Market Structure

We've successfully started different types of marketplace ranging from financial exchanges to not-for-profit genomic life science products.  We can help our partners avoid common pitfalls to scale quickly.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We've sold our own tech & marketplace businesses, and advised others. We're keen to share that experience with our commercial partners.


Commercially, where we have a connection, we can sometimes introduce investors.  For not-for-profit partners, if we can, we'll introduce sponsors.

Strategic Alliances

We help markeplaces reach critical mass by identifying organisations who will benefit from working together - even if  they don't know it yet - whether as marketplace owners or users

Unmatched Experience.   Creativity & Innovation.

Our commercial work is with fast-growth medium-sized companies, disruptive scalable start-ups and industry consortia who are starting a completely new B2B marketplace or complex trading exchange. Typically, multi-principal, multi-broker.

Our expertise began with financial exchanges and brokerages; some of the world's most complex marketplaces. We've used that experience to create new marketplaces for products as diverse as UK diagnostic testing and Far East freight derivatives trading. If it's tradeable, we can use technology to make it trade better.


We've advised on, invested in, and built, both actual marketplaces & the trading software that powers them. We've sold our portfolio companies, and advised others on the same. 

We break down silos & connect organisations, so they work better together.

Our Experience

Financial Derivatives

Artificial Intelligence

Life Sciences

Exchange Software

Not for Profits

TestRAMP and TestAID

Are You Building a  Marketplace?

If you're running an early-stage market or starting something new, whether for profit or for social good, we can probably help. If you'd like to talk, click the button.

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